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    A Description of the Writing Process

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    Could you tell me about your writing process? Can you tell me about the general strategies form different kinds of writing? How do you tackle a particular difficult writing situation?

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    As a writing professional, I match my approach to the intent, content, and focus of the project. For each project, however, I take several common steps. The first step is to gather information. During this time, I also brainstorm ideas and analyze content as the originating idea may lead my search in unexpected directions. I continue to brainstorm as I set out my ideas in a rough outline. Once I have a general sense of the format and structure of the piece, I focus on the actual writing, synthesizing what I have learned and what is required for the completion of the project. Rewriting and polishing are the final stages, including a final copyedit for grammatical and typographical errors.

    For me, gathering information is integral to the writing process. Without a strong background in the area, whether for an academic or a professional project, I would not have confidence in my conclusions. Moreover, I have found that my ideas can be sparked in unexpected ways; I particularly enjoy following tangential trains of thought which may not show up in the final piece directly. By looking at the topic from a variety of angles, I am able to bring a fresh perspective to my writing. Creativity and knowledge working together are critical to my process, and to my success.

    Different genres require different kinds of research and synthesis. I write fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, research projects, business communications, and presentations. For ...

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