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Supply Chain of a bookstore

I am trying to write a short essay approximately 350-400 words describing the supply chain of a bookstore. I need to include from the very start, before paper is made. What is the process from tree, to paper, to author idea, publisher, printing, etc.... I just need a brief description, for a better understanding. Please if possible, can you explain instead of bullet format. I am willing to increase the bid if necessary. Again, this just needs to be a brief description. Any help is very much appreciated.

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This essay is the perfect example of a process essay, where you outline a process or procedure step by step. The key to writing a successful process essay is to define each step carefully, and also to establish the connection between one step and the next. Use plenty of transitory words and phrases such as 'firstly,' 'secondly,' 'following this,' 'next,' and so on.

For the first ...