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    Five Steps in the Writing Process

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    Discuss the five steps in the writing process. Is it a requirement that you use the steps in order? In your opinion, which is the most important? Why?

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    There are five steps in the writing process:

    Prewriting-- This is the process of brainstorming, obtaining the background and deciding how the topic will be approached. If you are doing a piece of informational writing, you may want to include research, note taking, and outlines. The number one important key is to set the purpose for writing. Is it for informing, persuading, or entertaining? Always keep the audience in mind since publishing is the ultimate goal.

    Drafting-- This is your sloppy stage. The goal at this stage is to get the words down on paper without an worrying about the mechanics of the piece. Don't worry ...

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    This solution discusses the five steps in the writing process and which one might be the most important and why.