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    Question about Academic Writing

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    What do you believe differentiates academic writing from other types of writing?

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    Thank you for posting this assignment with us first of all. I will be addressing this problem as if you are confused with what it is asking of you because we are not to give any direct answers for any types of homework. I will, however, go ahead and provide you with the facts to what I have been informed about this topic from all the classes I have taken as a graduate student thus far. The most popularly disccused other types of writing there exist are: creative writing (in terms of short stories, poetry, novels...etc), scholarly journals (published articles that differ in lengths usually by genre experts and critics), letters (such as letters written by a certain author to his/her friend/relative)...etc. Doubtlessly, these are not all, but I was merely listing out the most popular genres for you. As an English graduate student myself, I can only write from this subject's point of view. There is also of course, journalistic writing (newspaper, news magazine, magazine articles, blogs...etc). I will only focus on categories I have always come across as an English major for this specific posting.

    These are the most popularly learned "other" types of writing that exist aside from general academic writing. General academic writing can include types such as the so-called "five-paragraph" essay (mostly required for ...

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    Reasons academic writing differs from other types of writing are discussed.