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Sources about best enhancements for business presentations

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What type of document design, layout, presentation template, font, colors and graphics could someone include in a business presentation?

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Hello there! I've broken your question down into two areas. First, an overview of utilizing graphics in business writing (attached as a document because of the graphics); second, and overview of the differences between academic and business writing(listed below). Finally, there are some sources for you should you need them (also listed below). Good luck and thanks!


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It would be incorrect to say that business writing differs substantially from academic writing. All writing attempts to communicate something important to an audience in a concise, compelling manner. Yet it would also be incorrect to say that you know all you need to know about business writing from taking a course in academic writing, and the reverse. Business writing does different in important ways from academic writing in so far as the context for writing as a business professional differs from the context for writing as a student for a classroom or a professor from an academic journal. Since you are a student and not a professor, the discussion below will focus on some key differences between classroom writing and business or professional writing.

"Students write to learn."
Academic and non-academic contexts for writing differ immensely. Schools and universities exist to produce and disseminate knowledge and to help students do the same. Typically, the writing you produce in academic settings can best be described as "writing to learn." You write to explore topics, to learn new things, to argue a case, and to demonstrate to your instructors that you have learned and can think about what you have learned. The writing you submit to your professors gives them a glimpse of the way your educated mind works ...

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Sources about best enhancements for business presentations are noted.

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Juicy Red Tomato Company

Part 1

You bring your initial proposal work (ATTACHED BELOW) (topic, purpose statement, research questions, and hypothesis) (from Unit 1 Individual GP Project) to a stakeholder committee, which is comprised of your manager and other senior-level people. They react and you take NOTES. (Notes are below.)
? What, if any, biases do you detect in the steering committee members' remarks?
? At this point, are they using reflective or expedient decision-making methods? What do you need to do to address their concerns


Juicy Red Tomato Company
Steering Committee Meeting notes
? Discussed research proposal
? HR manager comments - agreed with everything, seemed a little upset
that her suggestions were not followed previously
? Agri director disagrees that wages are not adequate - "after all we're
using migrant workers" Also argued that JRT provides housing for
workers, so that should count as compensation.
? IT manager commented he's been fighting for budget to improve
communications but has been denied funding
? President believes that field personnel will not use "hi tech toys" like
cellphones and pdas
? CFO commented that if JRT starts paying production people more, profit
margin will be destroyed


Despite the comments from the steering committee (from your group proposal), your manager thinks that your proposal thus far is sound, and encourages you to take the next step - conducting research.

develop a PowerPoint presentation of your proposal to date. You will need to use both literature review and data, and your sources need to be credible and current, In the speaker notes elaborate on your outline and give references to support your claim. Include information on the following:
? Introduction to your proposal thus far
? Definition of the problem
? a purpose statement
? Pertinent data that you have gathered to help you formulate your decision
? The type of data you will gather, how it will be collected and how will it aid in your research

I have a group project and one of the OTAs helped me with finding info, We are having trouble with this part. There are a few more, but these are the most confusing.

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