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    The 5 Steps of a Grievance Procedure

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    Explain the 5 steps of a grievance procedure. Thank you.

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    1. Explain the 5 steps of a grievance procedure.

    Although each business has its own grievance procedures, there are some general procedures common to all grievance procedures. One general example of the steps in a grievance procedure is as follows:

    Step One

    1. The employee will orally explain the situation and problem to the employee's immediate supervisor.
    2. The immediate supervisor will either alone or after consultation with his/her superiors reach a decision and communicate it orally to the employee within five work days after being informed of the situation causing the grievance.
    3. Every possible effort should be made by all parties concerned to settle employee problems at this level on an oral basis.

    Step Two:

    1. If the employee is not satisfied with the oral decision rendered, he/she will submit the problem in writing on the Grievance Procedure Form to his/her immediate supervisor within five working days of the oral response. The problem being submitted shall also include a proposed solution. A copy of the Grievance Procedure Form shall also be sent to the Division of Personnel for information purposes.
    2. The immediate supervisor either alone or after consulting his/her superiors will notify the employee in writing of his/her decision in the appropriate space on the Grievance Procedure Form. This form shall be returned to the employee within five work days following the receipt of the written complaint.

    Step Three:

    1. If the ...

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