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Employee Grievance

You asked Jane to meet you for an early morning breakfast because she seems to be getting overwhelmed with the number of grievances your firm incurs. You want to share your thoughts with her on the following:
How employee/supervisor disagreements were handled in the nonunion environments she has experience in, both prior to the National Labor Relations Act [NLRA] and since.
After decades of experience in unionized facilities, share your thoughts about why the typical grievance process does not seem to work.
Give 1-2 ideas that you have for improving the grievance process during the next round of contract negotiations.

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The grievance process does not seem to work but if a systematic process is included in contract agreement the process will work.

Typically, the grievance procedure begins when the supervisor talks to the employee relating to work discipline. The employees of the company should be reminded of their Weingarten rights and they should ask for a union representative when his supervisor talks to him. If the supervisor ignores the Weingarten rights, the employee should immediately contact the union representative after the meeting and file his charge with NLRB.
Next the agreement with the union should clearly spell out the step process that the employee should take. The first step is that the union representative directly meets with the direct supervisor. The second step is that if there is no resolution ...

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