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    Three (3) Step Writing Process: Business Messages

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    Describe the 3 step writing process as it applies to business messages and explain the importance of the process.

    Plan and write various types of business messages, such as letters, memos and e-mail.

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    The three-step process will help create more effective messages in any medium. It takes practice to make it easier and more automatic. The first step involves Planning. In the Planning stage, one analyzes the situation according to purpose and an audience profile is being developed. Next, information must be gathered on audience needs. The best medium for delivering the message is then selected, whether it is oral, written or electronic. The last stage of the Planning process is to organize the information gathered by defining the main idea, limit of scope, selecting a direct or indirect approach and outlining of content. The next step in the writing process is the Writing step. There are only two stages in the Writing phase. One is to adapt to the audience by being sensitive to audience needs, with a "you" attitude, politeness, and bias-free language. Use conversational tone, plain English and appropriate voice. The next stage is to compose the message by using strong words that will help you create effective sentences and coherent paragraphs. The last step in the Writing Process is the Completing stage. In this stage, the message content is evaluated and reviewed. Editing and rewriting for conciseness and clarity are also done. Next, produce the message by using effective ...

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    The solution describes the 3 step writing process as it applies to business messages and a plan to write various types of business messages is also included.