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Message for changes in retail store operations to stakeholders

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Suppose you are part of the following scenario:

- You are a public relations manager who must present information regarding changes in a retail store operations to three sets of stakeholders of a retail clothing chain. The stakeholders are store managers, employees, retail customers and the public. You must explain adjustments that allow employees to come to work on a fewer days a week in an effort to compare rising gas prices and save money on store operations.

- Stores will close on Sundays. On Monday through Saturday, stores will open an hour later and close an hour earlier. Full-time employees, including managers will work for 10 hour days a week. Part-time employees will consolidate their hours in 1-, 2- or 3- day workweeks, deepening on how any hours they are scheduled to work. No stores are closing, but no new stores are opening.

- While constructing your messages, determine the characteristics of your audience and consider the appropriate communication type and style for each audience.

- Develop one paper that contains three parts:

- Complete Part 1: Business writing steps. Outline the steps you must take in drafting the business communications. This document can take the form of a list, a flow chart or a Web diagram.

- Complete Part II: Portfolio. Write three messages by selecting one message format for each audience. Explain the changes in the retail store operations. The three messages contain potentially negative information; address the information presented in the scenario so your audience might perceive it in a positive way.

Audiences Message Formats
Store managers A business letter
Store employees A business memo
Retail customers and the public An e-mail message

- Complete Part III: Reflection. Write a reflection on your writing, and compare and contrast the business writings in this assignment with academic papers you have completed.

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