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    E-Mails for Business Communications

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    Step 1: Read a scenario.
    Go to Highway Bytes to access the scenario.
    Step 2: Generate a list of keywords.
    Use a word processor (like MS Word) to generate a list of keywords that you want your e-mail system to look for. You need to be creative and
    spend some time with a thesaurus. Identify all the words and word combinations that could identify a message as pertaining to one of the three subject areas. For instance, the word attach would probably indicate a need for the installation, whereas new software would most likely suggest
    an upgrade attachment.
    Step 3: Create three emails.
    Draft three short e-mail messages, one to accompany each of the ready-made attachments explaining that the attached document answers the
    most common questions on a particular subject (installation, troubleshooting, or upgrading). Your messages should invite recipients to write back
    if the attached document doesn't solve the problem-and don't forget to provide the e-mail address: support2@highwaybytes.com.
    Step 4: Draft another email.
    Draft a fourth message to be sent out whenever your new system unable to figure out what the customer is asking for. Simply thank the customer
    for writing and explain that the query will be passed on to a customer service specialist who will respond shortly.

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    First e-mail.
    Words: Install, set-up, position, locate, site, locate, lodge, establish
    Dear Mr. Andersen,
    I am writing to follow up on your query relating to Installing your cycle computer. As requested, I have attached with this a set of instructions that will help you easily install your cycle computer.
    The instructions tell you how to install the cycle computer the first time or reinstalling it on a new bike. In most cases the computer and wheel sensor bolt directly to the bike without modification, but certain bikes require additional steps.
    I thank you for bringing this problem to my attention. Please continue to inform us if you have any other ...

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