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    Would you help me with the following discussion questions?

    What do you think is the worst type of unwanted electronic communication? Give your reasons. For example:

    * Are junk faxes worse than cold calling?
    * Are junk SMS/MMS worse than e-mail spam?
    * Are Web page pop-ups, pop-unders, and Flash ads encroaching on the main page extremely annoying?

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    The technologies of electronic communication have become more accessible, easier to use, and more affordable to the masses. Because of these, there are people who exploit these technologies to send annoying or even harmful information. Many types of unwanted electronic communication have spread out through the telephone network, mobile network, and the Internet.

    Looking at different unwanted communication types, the worst in my opinion is the e-mail spam. Spam messages are unwanted e-mail messages the flood a person's e-mail account. It ranges from null content, unnecessary advertisements, annoying amount of similar e-mails, malicious messages, to attached viruses, worms, or other computer threats that harm the system. It is worst in my opinion because of its potential damage or harm.

    Junk SMS or MMS can be annoying, but does not have enough potential to ...

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