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    Writing Process Tips

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    This posting examines theories of Reinking and Von Der Osten. It responds to the prompt, "writing is a process that takes time and work (p.30). What is the "writing process" and why is it important to follow the steps instead of "crank[ing] out...papers in an hour or so of spare time?"

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    The writing process focuses on the steps to create a strong, fluent piece of written work. Most writers follow four stages within the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising and editing. According to your text, instead of "crank[ing] out papers," the writing process is key because it ensures that the paper is done sequentially, almost like following a map or recipe. In other words, the writing process builds upon each step, much like a ladder. "Cranking out papers" often leads to random, rambling, disorganized, sloppy, and mechanically flawed papers.

    Finally, Reinking and von der Osten (2005) advocate that "...writing is a process that takes time and work (p.30). The writing process is the method that writers use. It is his or her steps that lead to a finished, polished written product. Since writing is a way of thinking, the quality of one's writing depends on the ...

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    This posting address the writing process from a theoretical viewpoint. It also provides grammatical tips and examples.