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Importance of Proofreading in Scholarly Writing

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I am reflecting on discussions about experts and writing Walker (2003) also states that the most distinguishing feature separating scholars from content experts is that scholars have the ability to write more effectively.
The writing part is critical. I often tell students to engage in pre writing (Brainstorming, researching, outlining, gathering ideas), then the writing, then the long process of editing.

I recently completed a book, Bully Beyond the Tower--an anthology on workplace bullying. WOW, that took time to write, but also MONTHS to edit. Also editing OTHER people's work proved to be a challenge. I often edit several times

1 for content
2 for APA formatting
3 for grammar
4 my own common errors (we all have errors we commonly make and need to read another time for them)

Also I often cant proofread for ALL of these things at one time. In writing there is something called the "cooling off" period. The human brain cant often catch our own mistakes (which I noticed in my own posts in week 2). When we rush and press to meet deadlines, we overlook things and make mistakes.

Scholarly writing is a process, and one that takes time in research, creativity and effective writing.

Walker, C. (2003). A scholar is what a scholar writes: Practical tips on scholarly writing: (subtitle: wild manuscripts I have known). Journal of Theory Construction & Testing. 7(1), 6-9. Retrieved from EBSCOhost

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Writing is critical. The thought process is important but transferring thought to paper is a key component of the communication process. The ability of a writer to effectively communicate often determines the size of audience that the writing commands, as well as the audience's understanding of the material. In a survey of graduate faculty at one university it was determined that writing quality is a ...

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