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A brief discussion on the importance of style consistency with proofreading.

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In this discussion, we'll briefly examine various expectations of the proofreading process. In doing so, we will consider the importance of why proofreaders should also help to maintain consistency in writing style when editing documents, as these can have somewhat far-reaching benefits for writers and their readership.

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When it comes to proofreading, many are right to focus on the basics of spelling, grammar and syntax. However, with the professional endeavour of proofreading, it helps one to excel at their craft by tackling other discrete aspects of writing. Style happens to be a large aspect and in many cases as it can have as much of an impact on the quality of the finished product as proper spelling and grammar.

As can be appreciated, one can put together an essay or an article with little to no obvious spelling or grammar anomalies, but the piece itself could be riddled with style choice inconsistencies. Consider the following example ...

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Why it is important for proofreaders to go beyond just amending spelling, grammar and syntax errors in documents, with a focus on maintaining writing style consistency as this can help the substance of the given written piece stand out better for both the writer and the reader.