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    A discussion on the primary factors of importance when it comes to functioning as a professional editor.

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    In this discussion, the case is made for an editor's primary focus on keeping documents -- regardless of their background or nature -- as coherent, clear and concise as possible, as well as the hand-in-hand relationship between these three primary factors that emphasise an editor's excellent eye for detail.

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    When it comes to functioning as an editor, both in academic and professional settings - aside from having a keen eye for detail, which is a whole separate topic - it is important to keep that eye focussed on three factors that are of vital importance. After all, written projects need good follow-up touches before final publication (Oxford, 2010).

    In many ways, the role of an editor is to function as a kind of mediator of information and knowledge between authors and their audience. This means that editors must utilise their keen eye for detail in a very specific way to make certain that they can identify important parts of the written content and ensure that it is appropriate and comprehensible from the perspective of the target audience.

    - Coherency

    The first thing to look out for is a coherent argument or message within the written content. All writers and writings are subject to veering off into tangents that can distract from the actual purpose of the written content. Writers might inadvertently do this under the misapprehension that they are helping their argument but the neutral eyes of a third party with an understanding of the target audience - such as an editor - is vital in addressing such tangential aspects within writing, because such tangents can also confuse and ...

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    The discussion briefly examines the importance of editors ensuring that documents have a coherent narrative, a consistent written and language style, as well as a concise layout with due consideration for the other two factors.