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    Writing a Science-Based Article

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    The following discussion examines the primary points of importance behind research and sources when it comes to science journalism. When it comes to science-based writing, the quality of the source material can be of great importance in solidifying the implicit claims of the story's angle. This means that a prospective writer has to seriously consider the tone of the article while also approaching even peer-reviewed material with a certain eye for detail as well as counter-evidence when trying to balance out a story.

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    Science journalism can come across as a highly exciting avenue of reporting for journalists, given the fact that it can constantly provide an influx of developments that can be repackaged into "breakthrough" pieces. However, this surface appeal actually comes with some serious caveats and challenges when it comes to science article writing and the distinct quality of research and information sourcing that is required for the process.

    When it comes to reports on scientific works in the context of journalism, research and source vetting is of utmost importance. One could even argue that unlike general stories, a journalist would be required to exercise a certain level of academic research rigor in sifting through information pertinent to the angle. Of course, not all science coverage and stories carry the same weight and concessions have to be made for stories on developing scientific works where research data might not be so readily available. In other words, science writing requires the delicate balancing act of being able to make the right decision and pick the right sources (Rehman, 2013).

    From the outset, scientific research is often subject to robust peer review, and as ...

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    This solution provides an examination of the importance of considering article tone while also tackling the balancing act of scrutinizing and critically examining research material and sources when writing science-based articles.