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    Organizational theory and design

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    Select an article of interest for your dissertation related to organizational theory and design. You may select from the Electronic Reserve Readings or search for a peer-reviewed article.Write a 525- to 700-word summary including the following:
    •The article's main points
    •The article's conclusions
    •Your evaluation and analysis of the article's conclusions
    •References to support your evaluation
    •Answers to the following questions: ◦How does this article relate the SPL model?
    ◦What ethical issues may or may not exist in the article?
    ◦How might the article affect your role as a scholar, practitioner, and leader?
    ◦From your unique perspective using the SPL model, do you see any components missing in the article?

    Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.

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    The response addressed the query is posted in 662 words with APA References.

    //Organizational theory and design are a vast area of study, and many researchers have explored this area. In this context, a scholarly journal article focused on the contingency theory prepared by Mr. Stephen C. Betts is reviewed and evaluated. The key points and conclusion of the study are analyzed, and their relation with SPL model is discussed. The article is also explored with regard to ethical issues and missing elements in the article.//

    The particular paper focuses on investigating the match of contingency theory with the perspective technology or scientific theory. The key points that are covered in the article are divided into four important divisions namely, introduction, contingency theory, contingency theory: science or technology and conclusion. Furthermore, under the heading of contingency theory, important elements such as basic concepts, history, and problems are discussed in detail. In the third part, separate and detailed discussion with regard to contingency theory as science or technology is done (Betts, 2011).

    The conclusion of the article reflects a detailed inference of the study, where inference stating application of contingency theory in science and technology is stated and explained in detail with proper ...

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    Organizational theory and design is examined. The response addressed the query is posted in 662 words with APA References.