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    Standard editing & the unique challenges in script editing

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    Relative to other forms of editing, script editing involves a far greater degree of involvement and cooperation with others. In many ways, scriptwriters and script editors end up spearheading the writer's original idea in tandem and this is vital, especially in the context of content that isn't in reading format, but rather, in timed format in form of movies, screenplays and television content.

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    Unlike other forms of editing pertaining to journalism and literary works, script editing comes with a host of additional and highly important considerations. This often makes the process far more involving but also far more cumbersome for both the editor as well as the main writer responsible for generating the script and the directors. It could very-well be argued that a script editor is - by extension - an assistant or co-writer as the same considerations that apply to the writer will also apply to the script editor.

    While in general settings, an editor will have more leeway with what's on offer, a script editor will be limited by things like directorial concerns and time limitations as the primary purpose of ...

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    A summary of the generally complicated but exciting field of script editing; arguably the most challenging of the various editing profession offshoots. In this discussion, a few key differences and details/nuances are mentioned to give readers an idea of what is normally involved.