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Sound and Editing of the Movie Titanic

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I need to write a paper on the Sound and Editing of the movie Titanic. I'm lost on where to start.. Please help in giving me some ideas and examples from the movie... on how to write this..

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Hello there, I've done a couple of things to help you with your paper. First, a list of references that you can explore and should help you with the question; then a list of questions to ask when setting up an outline; finally, some thoughts and ways for you to organize, as well as reference comments. Please let me know what you think!

References For You to Explore:


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Sound and editing elements of the movie, Titanic, are embeddded.

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In this assignment, choose one of the films you have viewed so far and be a movie critic and report your findings to the public.

â?¢ Address the following:

o Describe the mise en scéne of the film.
o Do you feel the editing was appropriate? Why?
o Was the sound use effective or ineffective? Why?
o What feelings, if any, did the score elicit?
o Describe the filmâ??s cinematography.
o How was the film placed in context?
o What personal influences or biases do you have that affected your opinion?
o Identify the filmâ??s genre.
o Was this film enjoyable? Why or why not?
o How has this class changed your opinion on film?
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â?¢ Format your critique consistent with APA guidelines.
â?¢ Use examples to support your writing.

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