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    Workplace Dilemma:Nepotism

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    Description: Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

    Task: Submission of a 700 to 1,050-word paper analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced. APA format.

    Paper Guide -

    a. Describe the experience:

    1) What was the ethical issue you experienced?

    2) Who was involved? (Please use only first names or initials for the participants.)

    3) What was the relationship of the other individual(s) to you?

    b. Analyze the ethical dilemma:

    1) Was there a difference in power and authority? Explain.

    2) What were the ethics in question?

    3) What personal values were in conflict?

    4) What were the potential outcomes?

    5) What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved?

    c. Evaluate the outcome

    1) What was the outcome at the time?

    2) What were the consequences to you and the other parties involved?

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    Below is a solution I have created on a workplace issue. Nepotism is a serious problem in a professional setting and can cause conflict that can seriously affect productivity & personnel relationship. The essay is divided topic-wise in accordance with the problem you posted. I chose to zero in on Nepotism as it is a problem that is quite prevalent and a topic, I believe, that is not usually covered when one thinks about workplace dilemnas in a bid to point you in a direction where you can offer something unqiue to your class. If you have any questions regarding the solution, please send me a message and I'll do what I can to help. The solution is written in APA format is comprehensive to ensure that you have the necessary information required for your problem.

    OTA 105878

    Workplace Ethics: Questioning Nepotism

    (Latin: nepos, nephew)

    Preferment shown by rulers to relatives in the bestowal of offices on grounds of relationship rather than those of merit. Historically, the term is appled to the policy of some of the earlier popes of putting relatives into positions of responsibilities and honor in the Church. This was done sometimes for unworthy motives..."
    - The New Catholic Dictionary, 2008

    Nepotism happens when bias is applied when choosing a candidate for a certain position, favour being bestowed upon a relative of one who is already in place. Skills, education, capacity, experience --- key factors that decide who should fill the position are disregarded when it is practiced. In formal organizations especially in Federal Offices, nepotism is not just in bad taste or a display of negative work ethics; it is illegal when the basis of hiring is proven to be so. The interest of a company or an office is to fill the vacant position with someone who is most competent and capable, the best candidate out of all the applicants. In local federal offices doing public service for example, if the Mayor of a city installs his son in an important position (say City Administrator) without due qualifications especially when there are other candidates around who are far more experienced & competent than him, nepotism is in the works where the interest of the public is ignored and the Mayor could be accused of abusing his power.

    A Personal Experience

    I am a regular contributor/writer for a travel magazine. Our Editor of 5 years had suddenly resigned in the middle of putting together one of our biggest publications when she was diagnosed with cancer. The Assistant Editor despite the abrupt changes managed to hold court; with the assistance of our small team we turned out a rather pleasing issue. This went on for 2 more months. The roles change, I was no longer just a contributor but performed reporting as well, shoes that used to be filled by our Assistant Editor who now had to look after the magazine as an Editor in Chief would. ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive guide providing the student all the necessary information, support as well as sample simulated situations to aid philosophy & critical thinking students in completing the tasks necessary for the paper described below. It tackles the issue of nepotism as professional and personal dilemma. The solution is in essay form written in APA format for easy referencing. Word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.