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Job stress and Organizational Characteristics

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I am preparing a paper to write on stress and need to know at least one definition of workplace stress and discuss it in relation to one of your own workplace experiences. How does the definition you chose fit within the framework of the example you describe?

Can you help me locate an article which are considered two paradigms (individual and organizational) with respect to managing workplace stress. Would support either the individual or the organizational workplace stress management approach.

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This solution provides a definition of workplace stress and contains a real-life example of a profession with job stress. It also references an appropriate article that addresses how to manage workplace stress on the scale of the individual and organization.

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By: Lambert, Eric G.; Cluse-Tolar, Terry; Hogan, Nancy L. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice. 2007, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p117-142. Retrieved from Ebscohost database

I am preparing a paper to write on stress and need to know at least one definition of workplace stress ...

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