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    Annotated bibliography on organizational stress

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    Prepare three peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with each article addressing a different source of organizational stress. In your evaluation of each article, consider the following:
    Reliability (evaluation of research methods used, theories used, and data on which it is based)
    1) Appropriateness for the intended audience
    2) Background and authority of the author
    3) Limitations of the research (which can depend on the scope, reliability, age of the document,
    and bias)
    4) Significance of the research

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    I have provided three articles that present research in three different ways. I also changed the format for each to show how researchers can address the information. Please review and edit as needed for your class.

    Miles, R. H. (1976). Role requirements as sources of organizational stress. Journal of Applied Psychology, 61(2), 172-179.
    This article seeks to prove that job roles, especially those that span more than one system, are a cause of organizational related stress. The boundaries of a role help limit that role from becoming stressful, because there are boundaries. Managers have requirements that span more than one system or boundaries are not always clear and this creates stress. Role conflict is a primary part of the three hypotheses tested. People in non-managerial roles have clearer boundaries and are therefore less inclined to have role conflicts. The researcher used research and development organizations since the workers are varied in their roles with boundary relevance. Each were semiautonomous entities of a large laboratory. Two hundred one of two hundred ten employees were in the study, representing various major organizational roles, both supervisory and nonsupervisory. Each were interviewed for self reported issues of ambiguity in their roles.
    The analysis finds the correlations needed to prove hypothesis on role stress and ...

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    Three articles reviewed with different formats and each a different type of research.