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Organizational Stressors: An Annotated Bibliography

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Organizational Stressors: An Annotated Bibliography
Organizational stress seems to be an inevitable consequence of doing business in today's fast-paced global society. But what are the causes of organizational stress?
What is the impact of these stressors on an organization? How can these sources of stress be effectively mitigated and managed? Critically reviewing the body of research on these questions may yield valuable insight that will allow you to enable organizations of which you are a part to better manage stress.
• Select three peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with each article addressing a different source of organizational stress. In your evaluation of each article, consider the following:
o Reliability (evaluation of research methods used, theories used, and data on which it is based)
o Appropriateness for the intended audience
o Background and authority of the author
o Limitations of the research (which can depend on the scope, reliability, age of the document, and bias)
o Significance of the research
APA-style bibliographic reference including the author, title, publisher, and place of publication
A summary of the document including the main points, its purpose, the theoretical perspective on which it is based, and the scope

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Conflict can be caused by numerous circumstances within the organizational framework. It's been my experience that conflict derives from personality traits among employees and management from all levels. Theorists suggest that interoffice conflict otherwise known as intergroup conflict occurs when various groups of people have difficulty agreeing on an issue. For example, a conflict may arise if management and the labor union disagree on how to resolve a conflict.

Employees may become overwhelmed to meet critical deadlines. Conflict may be caused by cultural differences, or political influence (depending on the organization) as a result of a communication barrier. Employees or team members are unwilling to compromise on tasks because either party believes their method is the best method to utilize. I've been an active participant in several teams and believe that another source of conflict is uneven work distribution.

Conflict may manifest itself in a civilized or uncivilized manner, depending on the job, the individual, and the circumstances. For example, a male employee sexually harasses an employee. Apparently, management has no prior knowledge of the assault. The victim may feel disassociated from other employees because the harasser is beloved by most of the other coworkers. Eventually, the victim follows the proper protocol to address the issue. The harasser is terminated as a result. In this scenario, the conflict occurs when the sexual advances begin because both parties have opposing goals. Management assumes the best alternative for the situation.

Pondy (1967) identifies five phases of organizational conflict:

• Latent Conflict-parties interact in interdependent ...

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This problem evaluates the most common organizational stressors.