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A discussion on the importance of networking with regards to freelancers in the fields of writing and editing.

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This discussion examines some of the basic requirements of freelancers, especially those offering writing and editing services, and how these requirements can be met through networking. The discussion aims to highlight some of the basic vital roles that networking plays in addressing such requirements.

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With the rapidly evolving nature of the publishing and journalism industries, many professionals find themselves functioning as freelance agents within these industries. As a freelance writer and editor, it is a given that one should have the appropriate training and even the qualification to handle various tasks pertaining to writing and editing. However, when it comes to the freelancing aspect of one's business ambitions, the terrain can often be a bit trickier than just having to rely on one's core skills and talents with producing and managing the written word in a variety of ways.

Regardless of how phenomenal one is as a writer and/or editor, if one doesn't have the appropriate professional alliances to sustain a regular flux of clients taking advantage of one's talents, and by extension, producing a regular demand for work, then one's business potential is essentially, to borrow a cliché, dead in the water.

Freelancing as a writer and/or editor, much like in any other business, requires a very people-savvy approach to business management, and it ...

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An examination of how networking is an essential tool for any starting freelancer, especially those in the business of writing and editing.