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Brainstorming pre-writing strategy, social networking thesis

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develop a thesis statement pertaining to social networking. Identify writing strategies (mind mapping, brainstorming, and free writing)for developing the thesis and summarize experiences.

In the first paragraph, describe the method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of the description on the prewriting strategies, write thesis statement. If using mind mapping, sketches, or drawings in the prewriting strategies, scan in graphics and upload them as a separate attachment.

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Brainstorming example as a pre-writing strategy for creating a thesis statement on social networking.

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Your posting makes no mention of the formatting protocol you are expected to use for this paper, so I will assume that this is not a requirement for this assignment.

Since the instructions specify scanning in any drawings you might use in your pre-writing strategies, choosing methods which do not require or make use of drawings will save you one step which might prove to be technologically challenging, especially if you do not have easy access to a scanner, or much experience in using them and uploading files. This is an easy decision to make, to save yourself some work, since one of the strategies that is suggested in your instructions is brainstorming, and that is a thinking and writing strategy which requires no drawings that would have to be scanned and uploaded. Mind mapping is similar, but involves sketching ...

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