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Restrictive Gun Laws Will Reduce Crime

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Gun Control
use the prewriting strategies (mind mapping, brainstorming, and free writing) to develop and refine your thesis statement. In the first paragraph of your post, describe your method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of your description on your prewriting strategies, write your thesis statement. If you have used mind mapping, sketches, or drawings in your prewriting strategies, scan in your graphics and upload them as a separate attachment

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When developing my thesis statement, I began by doing some background reading so that I would know enough about my topic to be able to identify key points and address any questions that I had. I needed to clarify how I stood on the issue of gun control. The next step involved brainstorming about my topic, which helped to reinforce my stand for strict gun control laws. I also considered ...

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Questions asked and answered during brainstorming:
? What is the Opposition? - takes away freedom
? Why is gun control necessary?-Prevalence of violence attributed to hand guns; American needs to have a civilized society with few acts of violence
? Should it be strict?-Needs to be restrictive to be effective, but needs to be balanced