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U.S. Homicide Rate Compared to Other Industrialized Nations

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The United States has the highest homicide rate among industrialized nations, and there are several possible reasons why. One explanation is that the U.S. has more deaths of a particular type than any other developed country. This library solution highlights what these particular types of deaths are that are more prevalent in the U.S. and offers an explanation why other countries do not have nearly as many deaths of this type. Additionally, other reasons for the high homicide rate in the U.S. are also explored.

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When comparing homicide rates among industrialized nations, one thing stands out: the U.S. has more gun related deaths than any other developed country. Americans are far more likely to be killed by a gun than are people in other industrialized countries. It is possible that stricter gun laws could reduce the number of gun related deaths. Japan serves as an example of this; the country has strict gun laws and minimal gun related deaths each year.

Another theory to explain the higher homicide rate in the U.S. is that the country seems to focus more on punishment, as evidenced by the high incarceration rate. Despite having a similar overall crime rate as other developed countries, the U.S. tends to incarcerate more ...

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The United States has the highest homicide rate among industrialized nations, and there are several possible reasons why. This library solution examines a few explanations for why the rate is so high in the U.S. Also provided are specific approaches taken in other countries to keep the homicide rate down.

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