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American healthcare system

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Cite the differences between US healthcare system and other nations.

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The major differences in U.S. healthcare and systems in other developed nations are exemplified and referenced in this guide.

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One of the major differences in U.S. healthcare and systems in other developed nations is the notion of health care as a capitalist opportunity. Health care providers and insurers expect to profit by providing benefits and services. Such a system, though it may attempt to provide equitable care for all cannot possibly achieve this. In developing nations with universal systems, the approach is viewed as a societal issue and there is an attempt to provide equitable care for all citizens. There are some challenges in such systems that are similar to those in the U.S. (Luft, 2011). Providing services to citizens located in rural or remote areas is a challenge in nearly all systems, due to the difficulties in staffing facilities in such locations and accessibility challenges ...

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