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Healthcare Resistance to Change

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Hello I would like assistance with answering the following question thank you.

1. Is the American health care system resistant to change? Yes, or no? Give arguments on both sides of this question.

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It is resistant to change for a few reasons. Those who oppose changing the healthcare system are afraid we'll fall into the same situation that a lot of socialist countries have fallen to. Everybody has healthcare there but advances are slow and most people come to this country for specialized medical attention. Lines are also very long and it takes a while to see a specialist or any other type ...

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Managing Resistance to Change

I am having a problem linking the approaches for managing resistance with the two types of managing organizational change.

You're the nursing supervisor at a community hospital employing both emergency room and floor nurses. Each of these teams of nurses tends to work almost exclusively with others doing the same job. In your professional reading, you have come across the concept of cross-training nursing teams and giving them more varied responsibilities, which has been shown to improve patient care while at the same time lowering costs. You call the two team leaders, Sue and Scott, into your office to explain that you want the nursing teams to move to this approach. To your surprise, they are both opposed to the idea. Sue says she and the other emergency room nurses feel they're needed in the ER, where they fill the most vital role in the hospital. They work special hours when needed, do whatever tasks are required, and often work in difficult and stressful circumstances. They think the floor nurses have relatively easy jobs for the pay they receive. Scott, leader of the floor nurse team, tells you that his group believes the ER nurses lack the special training and extra experience that the floor nurses bring to the hospital. The floor nurses claim they have the heaviest responsibilities and do the most exacting work. Because they have ongoing contact with patients and families, they believe they shouldn't be called away from vital floor duties to help the ER nurses complete their tasks.

Determine what you think would be the best three approaches for managing resistance to change to apply to the nursing teams situation.

The four approaches for managing resistance to change are:

1. Education and communication*
2. Participation*
3. Facilitation and support*
4. Negotiation*

Compose a description of how you would implement each of the three best approaches at the hospital.

(I have starred the ones I think are best choices but I am having difficulty understanding how I would use one or more of the following approaches to managing organizational change:
1. Lewin's Three-Step Model
2. Action Research

I appreciate any clarification on this (300 words)

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