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A single payer health insurance system

I have been presented a concept that is not quite clear for me to analyze. If I could get some assistance to gain a better understanding. See below.

The insurance industry plays a huge role in the American healthcare system and absorbs a significant portion of the healthcare dollar. A single payer system, whether private company or government agency, would eliminate the complex insurance paperwork and free substantial funds that could be used to provide care. Why is there so much resistance to a concept used in every other advanced country? What are the positive and negative consequences of this resistance?

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The present stakeholders are trying hard to hold onto their turf. People don't like change and change provokes confusion. And whether real or fabricated, it could mean the loss of jobs. Corruption that is covered up now could be revealed. However, the new system could go through ...

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The reasons why a single payer insurance system is controversial are discussed.