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    Single Payer Health Care System

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    I need help and guidance with the following assignment.

    Policy Change Memo: Prepare a memo to an appropriate policy decision maker requesting a change in Single Payer Healthcare System. The memo should identify stakeholders (for example patients, professional groups, taxpayers, etc.), the background or history of the policy, the change desired and the rationale or impact of the change.

    References are only necessary if you cite data.

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    Memo to:
    The Secretary Mike Leavitt,
    The United States Department of Health and Human Services,
    Washington DC,

    Single-payer health care system means that payments for hospitals, doctors and other providers of health care are made from a single fund. This does not mean that there is universal single payer health cares system in which all citizens are covered, nor does it mean that one payer has to ultimately pay for all health care. One of the best run single-payer health care systems in the USA is the Medicare for the elderly and disabled persons. Medicare refers to a social insurance program administered by the United States Government. It provides health insurance coverage who are either 65 or over, or who meet other special criteria.

    I hereby request two changes in the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and disabled person. The stakeholders in the policy are the elderly and disabled people that receive the benefit of Medicare, the US government, the hospitals and other centers that provide the services and the workers that pay Medicare taxes. ...

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