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    Creating an ACO

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    Select your role as the CEO of a

    Physician group
    Health plan

    Now write a double-spaced memo to your Board of Directors outlining how your organization should create an ACO. Identify challenges and opportunities inherent in creating this structure.

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    The first and most important step of creating an ACO entails defining the ACO in regard to how the healthcare organization will design a network that has local providers capable of managing the full continuum and spectrum of care for all patients within the healthcare organization's provider network. This requires a foundation to be set for the healthcare organization wherein the Board of Directors is provided a demonstration through the use of a Medicare physician group practice demonstration in which physician groups are incented to reduce costs per Medicare beneficiary by sharing a bonus payment for meeting certain performance goals. This will be instrumental in creating some of the ACO rules that will have to be developed once the ACO program is implemented.

    The leader must be visionary and ...

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