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A Case Regarding Child Labor

Is your chocolate the result of unfair exploitation of child labor?
Hi, I'm writing an essay on this subject and in the attached pdf document, there are 3 questions which would be helpful for my essay as a foundation. However, I am having some trouble formulating answers for them. Any assistance would be helpful.


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1. The interaction between labor standards of a country and international trade is becoming an important issue in the relationship between the advanced industrialized and developing countries. Unfair labor practices impact the goal of international trade which is improvement of wages and working conditions of labor in poor countries. The second argument in favor of relevance of labor practices in other countries in international trade is that it would negatively impact workers in developed countries. If a country produces goods by employing labors who are paid lower wages than the standard rate and are made to work in poor conditions, it would have two effects: products made by workers in low wage countries displace products made by workers in high wage countries and it results in displacement of jobs from ...

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The expert examines a case regarding child labor.