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Ethics Module on IKEA and child labour

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Question: What factors make it difficult to eradicate child labour?

Please assist with ideas for short paragraphs or bullet point would be fine.

See the following article:
Bartlett, Christopher A., Vincent Dessain, and Anders Sjöman. IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A). Harvard Business School, 2006.

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The solution discusses the ethics module on IKEA and child labour.

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Few notes when I was doing the tutorial
• I reread the problem statement, What factors make it difficult to eradicate child labour?, thrice. Once to know what is being required. Twice to understand what is being asked. Thrice to ensure that the tutorial addressed the statement.
• In reading the case, the put this problem statement in front of my mind. This is to ensure that all relevant information are duly noted.
• Please take note that my understanding of the problem statement is that it is beyond IKEA's case alone.
What factors make it difficult to eradicate child labour?
• Continuous search to reduce costs by companies like IKEA. Unfortunately, in many industries, the different players have designed their businesses in a way that they have to compete by offering customers the lower price possible. To be able to do so, these companies have to source their products ...

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