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    Brainstorming topics for technology paper

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    I need help in developing a thesis statement and supporting points for my essay's content.

    Consider your purpose as you plan your essay. The purpose of your essay may be to evaluate, to solve a problem, to analyze causes and effects, or to argue a disputable fact. Discuss your ideas with peers and provide feedback on their ideas as you respond to discussion board postings.

    Topics: Technology ( impact on small businesses/entrepreneurship; social networks and marketing tactics; social networks and effect on society; technology and consumerism; online privacy/secure networking; rural areas and Internet access; technological innovation/new products; green technology

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    To brainstorm, I would consider which of these areas interests you the most, or that you already know the most about. What kinds of business are you most familiar with? How does technology affect you as a business consumer? Then think of as many directions you can go in that topic - as you break it into smaller topics, you may not only get your thesis, but even some points to back it up.

    For example, I might look at social networks and marketing. Some topics I might look into more closely:
    - Companies using a Facebook to get their message out, ...

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    Walks through the brainstorming process for a paper about different types of technology.