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    Need help with writing a good paper

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    I need help with my final paper. Every time I turn it in my instructor says there is not enough information.
    Here is the assignment:

    You are to select a practice within human services (e.g. evidence-based practice, drug treatment practices, use of technologies, medical models) related to your area of interest. The practice you selected should be relevant in the human services field today. Compose an 8-10 page paper, referencing scholarly resources , including peer-reviewed journals.

    Your paper should address the following:
    - History and background of the practice: Historical practices that evolved into the current practice
    - Factors influencing the evolution of the practice. Include the following areas as applicable:
    - Ethics
    - Technologies
    - Research
    - Theoretical Frameworks
    - Professional Associations
    - Legislations

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    I'm not sure why your instructor is saying you are not giving enough information. I think your best course of action before you even start writing is to have a brainstorming session. Which topic are you most interested in? I work within a large human service agency and I can tell you that right now our hot topics are Electronic Medical Records (obtaining the software, training the appropriate staff, and converting to them). I know healthcare in general is making the switch so you should be able to find a ton of material out there on the use of that technology.

    Another area to think about would be risk management practices within a human service agency. One practice within a human service agency risk ...

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