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    A Well-Written Paper

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    What constitutes a well-written paper? Having identified any writing deficiencies that you personally have, how will you overcome those weaknesses? What University of Phoenix resources are available to help you develop your writing skills?

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    A well-written paper needs to be composed in such a way that it shows an appropriate response to the topic or assignment. Moreover, the writer should reflect and ensure that the responses are original, relevant and insightful. Another component is that the paper should be well-focused. It must also be complex yet it is clear in its conceptual argument. Think of the prospective readers and make sure that the thesis is specific and clear to them. The topic should appear in the first paragraph of the paper so that they will have an idea of what to expect and make them continue reading the rest of the research. A well-written paper is also well-organized and it should be clearly focused on the argument that is being presented. As the paper develops, ...

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    The solution discusses what constitutes a well-written paper and how to overcome writing weaknesses. It also provides a list of the resources at University of Phoenix which are available to help develop ones writing skills. References included.