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Evaluating writing assignments for criteria and mastery.

What strategies could you use to evaluate a form of writing?

What criteria should be included and how will you document mastery?

Please direct the response for more of a narrative.

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Evaluating a form of writing is a very subjective undertaking, in that the evaluator's opinion carries a lot of weight. I am sure you have turned in essays before and gotten them back with a B- score on them, and little to no feedback regarding WHY the essay scored a B-, instead of a B, or instead of a C+. There have been occasions in my writing career when I sincerely felt that the evaluator just personally did not like ME, and it had nothing to do with any fault in what I had written!

To avoid those sorts of reactions from your students in a evaluating a writing assignment, and to give students formative feedback so that they will know exactly what they did well and where they could improve for the next time, it is very helpful to design a rubric for scoring, as well as correcting errors manually in the paper itself. The rubric spells out the expectations ...

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Discussion of evaluating writing assignments, criteria and documentation of mastery.