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    Motivation; Daniel Pink's Opinion

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    What do you think about Daniel Pink's take on motivation, as outlined in his TED talk video? Do you think it has validity? How might his views be implemented in your organization? As a manager, give an example of how you might motivate your employee's using Pink's ideas as your starting point?
    On a more personal note, to what extent is your behavior and performance as a student a function of engagement? Could your instructors change things to better motivate you? Could the university change things to create conditions conducive to student success?

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    Daniel Pink's take on motivation is that employee engagement instead of incentives is important in motivating employees. Specifically, he says that autonomy, mastery, and purpose are stronger motivators than financial incentives. Even though his take on motivation is counter intuitive, I feel that his position has validity. He has given the circumstances in which his model of motivation is appropriate. He has described the work situations in which his model works. He says that jobs in which the right side of the brain is to be used more responds to his model. He also says that situations in which the steps of the work are properly described, financial incentives work well.(1) Only in situations where there is ambiguity about the work do financial incentives do not work. In my organization, only the work of the managers and top executives requires the use of right side of brain. The workers are given specific instructions and they are required to complete their work in time. In my organization, ...

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