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    ABCBuy.com: Case Study on Organisational Behaviour

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    ABCBuy.com Case Study

    The date on his iPhone showed 17 Oct 2011. Daniel, CEO of ABCBuy, shuffled through some white papers on his desk as he got ready for a morning meeting with his senior managers in his spartan office at Raffles Place, Singapore.

    The last six months had gone past swiftly in the twinkle of an eye. He was a technology person, but had been thrust into the role of management because of his singular vision to brave new frontiers in cyberspace.

    Inspiring and managing people's expectations and feelings were very different skills that he needed to master and hone. He thought deep and hard as he wondered how he should deal with issues of staff retention and job satisfaction that had become pressing.

    Daniel may be called a digital native. He eats, sleeps, talks, dreams and plays with all things digital, or that exist in cyberspace. He mutters words like IMHO, LOL, IP, FTP, SMTP, B2C, UGC as smoothly as ABCs. Little wonder. By the time he was ten and could type on the keyboard, he had become totally immersed in a surreal world constructed of electronic gadgetry, high speed telecommunications, social gaming and Internet services. Cyberspace was literally his second home. Whatever the buzzword of the day, Daniel would lap it up with ease. He would gladly volunteer his services for any form of information technology (IT) work, including his school portal, software development and network management. Naturally, he chose to read Computer Science in the local university and graduated with a direct honours degree in just three years!

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    A) Using appropriate motivation theories compare the managerial styles of Daniel and Johnny.

    In management, there are countless theories over the years on how to motivate employees. Some of the more popular and practiced theories are principled around Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Adams, 2010). Maslow describes individuals needs as the predominant influence in how they react to their environments, specifically, the basics such as food and water are essential (getting paid), however, once those are met, people tend to look for other items in work such as satisfaction, appreciation, equality, ability to grow, etc...

    Some other theories that exist are Stacy Adams "Equity Theory". This is principled around workers feeling like their efforts expended will result in a reward that is equal as their predominant motivation for working hard or not working hard (see Figure 1 - attached).

    In addition to seeking their own equity rewards however, people are watching what others are receiving to ensure fairness exists. Lack of fairness quickly results in decreased productivity (Adams, 2010).
    Another popular motivation theory is the "expectancy theory" by Victor Vroom. The core of Vroom's theory focuses on employee's motivation being centered on a belief that their efforts will lead to good recognition and appraisals by their superiors and this will lead ...

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