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    Qualitative and Quantitative

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    Assess the use of qualitative data to support business decision making. Consider different types of qualitative data collection and analysis methods and the ways in which they can support business decision making and strategies.

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    Qualitative Data Analysis is,
    1. Deals with descriptions.
    2. Data can be observed but not measured.
    3. Colours, textures, smells, tastes, appearance, beauty, etc.
    4. Deals with Qualitative → Quality

    in contrast to quantitative data analysis
    1. Deals with numbers.
    2. Data which can be measured.
    3. Length, height, area, volume, weight, speed, time, temperature, humidity, sound levels, cost, members, ages, etc.
    4. Quantitative → Quantity

    Qualitative Data Analysis techniques,
    1. Documentation of the data and the process of data collection
    2. Organization/categorization of the data into concepts
    3. Connection of the data to show how one concept may influence another.
    4. Corroboration/legitimization, by evaluating alternative explanations, disconfirming evidence, and searching for negative cases
    5. Representing the account (reporting the findings)

    The documentation in the qualitative study comprises mostly notes ...

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    Qualitative data to support business decision making are considered. The different types of qualitative data collections and analysis methods are given.