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Motivation: Summaries of Articles

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I need to find scholarly articles related to culture and its impact on our motivation.
- Brief summary of the article.
- What is the writer's main point or thesis?
(In 50-100 words).

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Eagan, T.M., Yang, B., Barlett, K.R. (2004, Fall). The Effects of Organizational Learning Culture and Job Satisfaction on Motivation to Transfer Learning and Turnover Intention. Human Resource Development Quarterly, Vol. 15, No. 3. Retrieved from http://download.clib.psu.ac.th/datawebclib/e_resource/trial_database/WileyInterScienceCD/pdf/HRQ/HRQ_2.pdf

The authors of this article studied a sample of information technology employees to determine the relationship of organizational learning culture, job satisfaction and organizational outcome variables. As a result, the authors determined that learning organizational culture is associated with IT employee job satisfaction and motivation to transfer learning. In addition, it was determined that turnover was negatively influenced by organizational learning culture and job satisfaction. The writers' thesis is "The culture and environment of an organization can influence the types and numbers of learning -related events and employee job satisfaction as well as employee motivation to transmit newly acquired knowledge to the workplace context"(Egan, Yang, Barlett, 2004).

Chai, B. (2009, 31 Dec). How to Stay Motivated��"and Get that Bonus. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704152804574628230428869074.html

In this article, Daniel Pink's book "Drive" is reviewed. "Drive " discusses motivation; warning companies that use money as a motivator are actually harming employees. The principle motivator with the way most companies currently operate should be in developing employees' autonomy, ...

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This solution is an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles related to culture and its impact on motivation. It gives a brief summary of each article and the author's main point. APA formatted.

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