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ESL Pedagogical Objectives

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I need 3-5 ESL pedagogic objectives that are based on the pedagogical theories, principles, and practices for four 6-year-old ESL students who use the picture dictionaries, CDs, workbooks, and Easy Readers in the classroom.

**The 6 year old ESL students can read Easy Readers for their age very well. Their phonics are pretty solid. According to their writing samples, they have problems with word order and spelling. For example, one writing sample says "I hav fore family mom dad little sister." Repetition, memory techniques, and group activities are some of the learning strategies. In the classroom, they use the picture dictionaries, flash cards, audio CDs, workbooks, and Easy Readers.

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ESL Pedagogical Objectives are brainstormed in the following solution.

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1. Using a picture book, the child will be able to identify family relationships by pointing to the correct member and stating, "This is a father, this is a mother, and so forth." Mastery of this objective would be correct identification of immediate and extended family relationships. You will need to set what number of relationships you would require for 100% mastery.

2. This family focus could be transitioned to correct use of the possessive adjective "my" by asking the student to bring a picture of her family and x number of other things that belong to her and make x number of statements for how these people/things relate to her. i.e., "This is my father, this is my mother, this is ...

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