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    Evaluate ESL curriculum using Tyler's Objectives evaluation

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    I evaluate an ESL curriculum using Tyler's Objectives evaluation model.

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    As you approach your evaluation of curriculum, please feel free to use these ideas to guide you:

    1. Evaluate ESL curriculum using Tyler's Objectives evaluation model:

    The ESL curriculum at Longfellow Middle School in Norman, OK embodies Tyler's model. For example, the district employs strong objectives both district wide and within each classroom. These objectives are guided by the State's PASS objectives. The ability to identify objectives is a key feature of Tyler's model. In addition, since the district uses pre and post testing to assess the extent these objectives have been realizes, Tyler's model is definitely applied.

    In addition to standardized testing throughout the year, ESL students also take tests using Successmaker programs online to receive instant results of their linguistic progress.
    Since the curriculum uses an Objectives-based evaluation model, they comply with Tyler. For example, after identifying objectives, they use the PASS ...