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    Objective-based Evaluation of a Math Curriculum

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    Can you help me evaluate the math curriculum based on Tyler's objective based model?

    This is the curriculum for 7th grade math.

    The rationale for using this approach is that it covers all aspects of the evaluation process. By following the seven steps of this process, the curriculum will be effectively evaluated. This objective-based approach to evaluation is at the core of what Tyler proposes.

    His approach to evaluation followed these steps:

    1. Establish broad goals or objectives.
    2. Classify the goals or objectives.
    3. Define objectives in behavioral terms.
    4. Find situations in which achievement if objectives can be shown.
    5. Develop or select measurement techniques.
    6. Collect performance data.
    7. Compare performance data with behaviorally stated objectives.

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    A simple evaluation of a given math curriculum based on Tyler's objective-based model.