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Learning outcomes of ESL education

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Conduct a search on the Internet in Learning Outcomes (learning objectives, standards, benchmarks, etc) of ESL education:

1. Create an annotated (added notes of 100-150 words IN YOUR OWN WORDS) bibliography of 4 websites (These are intended to be places that someone could go for a storehouse of information. These are NOT articles on a topic) that is useful for educational practice in either curriculum development or lesson planning. Be sure to explain the reasons for choosing the websites. Contents of annotations may include many types of information. The goal is a critique (good and bad) NOT JUST A SUMAMRY:
2) Brief summary
3) Who it might be useful for
4) What it contains (topics, terms etc.)
5) Opinion of usefulness
6) Accuracy
7) Ease of navigation
8) Appearance

2. Give a brief explanation of how the Internet can be used by educators as they prepare their content, activities, or learning outcomes in the curriculum development process. Be sure to justify your position and at least 3 sources. Give MULTIPLE benefits with FULL explanation (One benefit is... what this means is.. For example, ...)

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