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Determining whether learners have mastered content

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How can it be determined that learners have mastered a content? What evidence should be provided to support this? As an instructor/teacher how would I determine whether a content-based assessment reflects learner knowledge? What if any are the shortcomings to content-based assessments?

I need help finding resources that could provide additional research and explanation.

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Using a checklist, questioning and written means to show whether a student has learned are just a few ways to evaluate teaching and learning.

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It is unfortunate that there is not a one size fits all 'proof' that a student has learned what the teacher has taught or that is required. In the United States most states follow state standards, where the goal is not to offer too much but to allow both the student and the teacher to have quantifiable objectives to reach for. It is helpful to have a rubric, which states clearly what a student needs to know or master. I use a checklist for students. When they have completed all the criteria for each objective, they check off that content area.

Usually, it is unrealistic to expect students to retain all content given the first time, where repeated exposure and ...

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