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A. Explain the difference between a norm-referenced assessment and criterion-referenced assessment.
B. Describe how the school district uses standardized testing. Identify the tests and what types they are norm-referenced or criterion-referenced? How do you know? What are the purposes? How is the data used?

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A. Explain the difference between a norm-referenced assessment and criterion-referenced assessment.

Norm-referenced assessments are tests in which a student's performance is determined by how well s/he does in comparison to other students. For example, all of the students taking a particular assessment are lined up, and a bell curve is constructed from the students' scores. This means that approximately 20% of the total will be at the top; 20% will be at the bottom; and, 60% will fall in the ...

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Your department was just given a new project to pilot and rollout to your organization. The project involves assembling a cross-organizational team that will be given the responsibility for reviewing different payroll systems that Faraday Enterprises can use, and choosing the best payroll system to implement.

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