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    Evaluating Quality of Writing

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    What are your views on what makes a piece of writing "good" and what makes a piece of writing "not-so-good." Should we place the most value on being clear and concise? Is it more important that the grammar is correct? Does good writing mean that we have to entertain our audience? What do you think? What pieces of writing have you encountered that drew you in? Which pieces turned you away?

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    According to William Zinsser, good writing depends on usage and economy. What I think he's talking about is how language is used appropriately for an intended audience. That means choosing the right word or phrase to do the best job of communicating. ...

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    A description of the essentials for making a piece of "good" writing. Examples show "not-so-good" writing. Example argues for the importance of audience and voice in writing that will capture a reader's attention.