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Writing IEP Goals for EBD Students

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One of the most challenging parts of writing an IEP for a student with EBD is writing measurable, specific, observable goals. Why is this difficult? Write one goal you might use for an EBD student.

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It has been well accepted that even the highest quality proactive interventions cannot prevent EBD students from doing inappropriate behavior. Implementing these good procedures will surely reduce the occurrence but some students will always need a more individualized instruction as well as supportive behavioral intervention. Though there may be no way that a certain disorder be avoided, it is definite that the regular and pervasive use of the best prevention tools will minimize them to a very low level. For EBD students, they need a more specialized behavior intervention plan that will be based on an intensive functional behavioral assessment and the results will help create a behavior intervention plan which is ...

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* Effect of proactive intervention on EBD students' performance
* IEP for EBD students components
* Factors to consider when composing goals in the IEP of EBD students
* Methods of writing IEP
* 425 words
* two (2) non-APA references for sample EBD goals
* four (4) non-APA references

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